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About Bismuth(Bi )

Symbol: Bi
Atomic Number: 83
Atomic Weight: 208.9804
Element Category: post-transition metal

Bismuth is a chemical element with symbol Bi and atomic number 83. It is a white, crystalline, brittle metal when freshly produced and it often presents a pinkish tinge in the air. Bismuth is the most diamagnetic element, and its thermal conductivity is lower than any metal except mercury. Bismuth metal is used in the manufacture of low melting solders and fusible alloys. Bismuth compounds are used as semiconductors, electronic refrigeration components, thermoelectric conversion elements and liquid cooling carriers in nuclear reactors.

Bismuth metal is brittle and so it is usually mixed with other metals to make it useful. Its alloys with tin or cadmium have low melting points and are used in fire detectors and extinguishers, electric fuses and solders.
Bismuth oxide is used as a yellow pigment for cosmetics and paints, while bismuth(III) chloride oxide (BiClO) gives a pearly effect to cosmetics. Basic bismuth carbonate is taken in tablet or liquid form for indigestion as ‘bismuth mixture’.

Hot products of Bismuth: Bismuth Metal, Bismuth Trioxide (Bi2O3), Bismuth Sulfide (Bi2S3), Bismuth Selenide (Bi2Se3)

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  • BS1271 Bismuth Metal Needles / Bismuth Lumps

    High Purity Bismuth Metal Needles / Bismuth LumpsStanford Advanced Materials (SAM) offers bismuth metal products in different shapes and purities at most competitive price.Related bismuth products: bismuth metal, bismuth powder, bismuth trioxide (Bi2O3), bismuth sulfide (Bi2S3)

  • BS1109 Bismuth Metal (Bi Metal)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has 20 years of experience manufacturing and supplying ultra-high purity Bismuth Metal. We provide Bi Metal with high quality and competitive prices. Various forms are available. Related products: Bismuth (III) Oxide Powder, Bismuth (III) Sulfide Powder, Bismuth (III) Selenide Powder

  • BS1296 Bismuth Metal Ingot (Bi Ingot)

    High Purity Bismuth Metal IngotStanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted supplier of bismuth metal products. We provide high purity bismuth ingot (Bi ingot) with competitive price.Other bismuth metal products: Bismuth Metal Powder (Bi Powder), Bismuth Metal Pellets (Bi Pellets), Bismuth Metal Needles / Bismuth Lumps

  • BS1269 Bismuth Metal Powder (Bi Metal Powder)

    Bismuth Metal Powder SupplierStanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a reliable supplier of high purity bismuth metal. We offer bismuth metal in different shapes and sizes.Other bismuth products: Bismuth Trioxide Powder (Bi2O3 Powder), Bismuth (III) Sulfide Powder (Bi2S3 Powder), Bismuth (III) Selenide Powder (Bi2Se3 Powder)

  • BS1270 Bismuth Metal Pellets (Bi Pellets)

    Bismuth Metal Pellets (Bi Pellets) for sale Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) supplies high purity bismuth metal pellet at a competitive price. Customized products are also available according to your requirements. Related bismuth products: bismuth metal, bismuth powder, bismuth trioxide (Bi2O3), bismuth sulfide (Bi2S3)

  • NN0246 Nano Bismuth Powder (Bi)

    Bismuth Nanoparticles powder has diverse uses in traditional & high-tech industries like mechanics, electronics, aeronautics, metallurgy, chemistry, environment, etc.

  • OX1113 Bismuth Trioxide Powder (Bi2O3 Powder)

    Bismuth Trioxide Powder sold by Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has ultra-high purity (up to 99.999%), superior quality and competitive price. Other Bismuth compounds are also available including Bismuth (III) Sulfide Powder, Bismuth (III) Selenide Powder, etc. Related product: Bismuth Metal

  • VD0675 Bismuth Ferrite (BiFeO3) Evaporation Materials

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) specializes in producing high purity Bismuth Ferrite (BiFeO3) Evaporation Materials

  • VD0841 Bismuth Selenide (Bi2Se3) Evaporation Materials

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) specializes in producing high purity Bismuth Selenide (Bi2Se3) Evaporation Materials

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