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About Dysprosium (Dy)

Symbol: Dy
Atomic number: 66
Atomic weight: 162.500
Element category: lanthanide
Dysprosium is a chemical element with symbol Dy and atomic number 66. It is a rare earth element that has a metallic, bright silverluster. Dysprosium is mainly used in the manufacture of the new lighting source – dysprosium lamp. It can also be used in nuclear reactors to make nuclear reactor control rods. In addition, dysprosium compounds are good catalysts in petroleum refining industry.
Dysprosium is a soft, lustrous, metallic, silvery metal, belonging to the lanthanide group of the periodic table. It has the highest magnetic permeability of the elements at low temperatures, similar to holmium.
Dysprosium metal has no commercial applications. It might be used to alloy with other elements to make laser materials. It also can be used in alloys for neodymium-based magnets as a substitute of neodymium.
Dysprosium forms several brightly colored compounds. Dysprosium oxide (Dy2O3, or dysprosia) is add in special cement which is used to cool nuclear reactor rods.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) now can provide various dysprosium products including:

Dysprosium Metal:
Shapes: powder, lump, sputter target, or customized
Purity: 3N-4N

Dysprosium Compound:
Dysprosium Oxide (Dy2O3) / Dysprosia: 3N-5N

Dysprosium Evaporation Material:
Dysprosium (Dy); Dysprosium Oxide (Dy2O3, dysprosia); Dysprosium Fluoride (DyF3)


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