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Neodymium Block Magnets

Neodymium block magnet is one of the basic shapes of Neodymium magnet. This type of magnet can be used in various applications. We can provide neodymium block magnets of different sizes, ranging from micro size magnets with less than 1gram weight to huge magnets with over 1lbs weight.

Neodymium Magnets, additionally called NdFeB, NIB, or Neo magnets, are the most broadly-used type of uncommon earth magnets. it's far the most powerful sort of everlasting magnet made from an alloy of Neodymium, Iron, and Boron with the Nd2Fe14B tetragonal crystalline shape. It has changed other forms of magnets in many packages in current merchandise that require strong permanent magnets, including vehicles in cordless tools, hard disk drives, and magnetic fasteners.


Item IDMaterialGradeShapeDimension
SMBN0646NdFeBN42Block6'' x 1/2'' x 1/8'' thick
SMBN0645NdFeBN52Block4'' x 4'' x 2'' thick
SMBN0644NdFeBN52Block4'' x 4'' x 1'' thick
SMBN0643NdFeBN52Block4'' x 4'' x 1/2'' thick
SMBN0642NdFeBN52Block4'' x 3'' x 2'' thick
SMBN0641NdFeBN52Block4'' x 3'' x 1'' thick
SMBN0640NdFeBN52Block4'' x 3'' x 1/2'' thick
SMBN0639NdFeBN52Block4'' x 2'' x 2'' thick
SMBN0638NdFeBN52Block4'' x 2'' x 1'' thick
SMBN0637NdFeBN52Block4'' x 2'' x 1/2'' thick
SMBN0636NdFeBN42Block4'' x 2'' x 1/2'' thick
SMBN0635NdFeBN42Block4'' x 2'' x 1/4'' thick


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