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Ferrite Block Magnets

Ferrite Block Magnet is a common shape of Ferrite magnets. The cost of ferrite magnets is really competitive in comparison with Neodymium and SmCo magnets, they are used widely in applications they don't require high performance. We provide Ferrite Block Magnets for various applications.

A ferrite is a kind of ceramic compound composed of iron(III) oxide (Fe2O3) blended chemically with one or extra additional steel factors. They are each electrically nonconductive and ferrimagnetic, which means they may be magnetized or attracted to a magnet. Ferrites can be divided into two households based on their magnetic coercivity, their resistance to being demagnetized. tough ferrites have excessive coercivity, for this reason they are difficult to demagnetize. they're used to make magnets, for devices along with refrigerator magnets, loudspeakers and small electric powered motors. soft ferrites have low coercivity. they are used within the electronics enterprise to make ferrite cores for inductors and transformers, and in numerous microwave components. Ferrite compounds have extremely low price, being made from iron oxide (i.e. rusted iron), and now have incredible corrosion resistance. they may be very stable and difficult to demagnetize, and can be made with each excessive and low coercive forces.

Ferrite Block Magnet

Item IDMaterialGradeShapeDimension
SMBC0074FerriteC8Block76mm x 38mm x 11.6mm Thickness
SMBC0073FerriteC8Block76mm x 24mm x 6.35mm Thickness
SMBC0072FerriteC8Block76mm x 23mm x 6.3mm Thickness
SMBC0071FerriteC8Block69mm x 27mm x 11.63mm Thickness
SMBC0070FerriteC8Block26mm x 23mm x 6.3mm Thickness
SMBC0069FerriteC8Block26mm x 23mm x 6.3mm Thickness
SMBC0057FerriteC8Block75mm x 50mm x 20mm Thickness
SMBC0056FerriteC8Block40mm x 25mm x 10mm Thickness
SMBC0055FerriteC8Block152.4mm x 101.4mm x 25.4mm Thickness
SMBC0054FerriteC8Block75mm x 50mm x 20mm Thickness
SMBC0053FerriteC8Block75mm x 50mm x 10mm Thickness
SMBC0052FerriteC8BBlock50mm x 50mm x 20mm Thickness


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