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Ferrite Disc Magnets

Ferrite Disc Magnet is a common shape of Ferrite magnets. The cost of ferrite magnets is really competitive in comparison with Neodymium and SmCo magnets, they are used widely in applications they don't require high performance. We provide Ferrite Disc Magnets for various applications.


Item IDMaterialGradeShapeDimension
SMDC0042FerriteC1Disc30mm dia x 5mm Thickness
SMDC0041FerriteC1Disc25mm dia x 3mm Thickness
SMDC0040FerriteC8Disc20mm dia x 10mm Thickness
SMDC0039FerriteC1Disc25mm dia x 3mm Thickness
SMDC0038FerriteC8Disc20mm dia x 10mm Thickness
SMDC0037FerriteC1Disc20mm dia x 3mm Thickness
SMDC0036FerriteC1Disc25mm dia x 5mm Thickness
SMDC0035FerriteC1Disc25mm dia x 3mm Thickness
SMDC0034FerriteC1Disc20mm dia x 3mm Thickness
SMDC0033FerriteC1Disc20mm dia x 3mm Thickness
SMDC0032FerriteC1Disc30mm dia x 3mm Thickness
SMDC0031FerriteC5Disc12mm dia x 3mm Thickness
SMDC0012FerriteC8Disc3'' dia x 0.5'' Thickness
SMDC0011FerriteC8Disc3'' dia x 0.25'' Thickness
SMDC0010FerriteC8Disc1.5'' dia x 0.25'' Thickness
SMDC0009FerriteC8Disc1'' dia x 0.25'' Thickness
SMDC0008FerriteC8Disc1'' dia x 3/16'' Thickness
SMDC0007FerriteC8Disc1'' dia x 0.125'' Thickness
SMDC0006FerriteC8Disc0.875'' dia x 1'' Thickness


We can also produce magnets to custom specifications by request. Click here for more products

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