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Ferrite Ring Magnets

Ferrite Ring Magnet is a common shape of Ferrite magnets. The cost of ferrite magnets is really competitive in comparison with Neodymium and SmCo magnets, they are used widely in applications they don't require high performance. We provide Ferrite Ring Magnets for various applications.

Ferrite Ring Magnet

Item IDMaterialGradeShapeDimension
SMRC0068FerriteC8Ring60mm O.D x 24mm I.D x 8mm Thickness
SMRC0067FerriteC8Ring190mm O.D x 85mm I.D x 23mm Thickness
SMRC0066FerriteC8Ring157mm O.D x 56mm I.D x 22mm Thickness
SMRC0065FerriteC8Ring102mm O.D x 51mm I.D x 15mm Thickness
SMRC0064FerriteC8Ring100mm O.D x 50mm I.D x 12mm Thickness
SMRC0063FerriteC8Ring74mm O.D x 40mm I.D x 15mm Thickness
SMRC0062FerriteC8Ring72mm O.D x 30mm I.D x 12mm Thickness
SMRC0061FerriteC8Ring72mm O.D x 39mm I.D x 10mm Thickness
SMRC0060FerriteC8Ring50mm O.D x 25mm I.D x 10mm Thickness
SMRC0059FerriteC8Ring32mm O.D x 18mm I.D x 5.5mm Thickness
SMRC0058FerriteC8Ring20mm O.D x 5mm I.D x 8mm Thickness
SMRC0030FerriteC8RingOD156'' x ID80'' x 18m Thickness
SMRC0029FerriteC8RingOD145'' x ID75'' x 20mm Thickness
SMRC0028FerriteC8RingOD140'' x ID60'' x 20mm Thickness
SMRC0027FerriteC8RingOD134'' x ID56'' x 14mm Thickness
SMRC0026FerriteC8RingOD45'' x ID22'' x 8mm Thickness
SMRC0025FerriteC8RingOD45'' x ID19'' x 8mm Thickness
SMRC0024FerriteC8RingOD40'' x ID20'' x 8mm Thickness


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