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  • Platinized Niobium Mesh Anode

    The platinized niobium mesh anode uses platinum coated on niobium mesh to make it smooth, even and nonporous. The special plating solution used is with high speed and current density. Also, the niobium mesh has strong corrosion resistance and conductivity needs much lower current and voltage compared with platinum mesh. Therefore, it becomes the best...

  • Platinized Niobium Anode

    Platinized Niobium Anode for saleStanford Advanced Materials (SAM) supplies various anodes including platinized titanium anodes, platinized niobium anodes, platinized niobium mesh anodes, etc. For other anodes, please send us inquiry first.Related products: platinized titanium anodes, platinized niobium mesh anodes

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