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Germanium Metal

Germanium is a silvery-white semi-metal. It is brittle and used in infrared technology, fiber optic cables, and solar cells.
Germanium's unique characteristics include its transparency to near infrared electromagnetic radiation, the metalloid is also intrinsically semiconductive.

Germanium is a semiconductor. The pure element was commonly doped with arsenic, gallium or other elements and used as a transistor in thousands of electronic applications. Today, however, other semiconductors have replaced it.

Germanium is also used as an alloying agent (adding 1% germanium to silver stops it from tarnishing), in fluorescent lamps and as a catalyst.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides Germanium Powder (Ge Powder) and Germanium Metal (Ge Metal).

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  • Germanium Powder (Ge Powder)

    Trusted Germanium Powder Manufacturer - SAMStanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has rich experience and expertise in manufacturing the highest quality and purity Germanium Powder at a competitive price. Related products: Silicon Powder, Germanium Metal

  • Germanium Metal (Ge Metal)

    Leading Germanium Metal supplier - SAMStanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides the highest quality ultra-high purity germanium metal at a competitive price. Germanium is available in lump, rod, ingot, and other shapes upon request. Other Germanium products: Germanium Powder, Germanium Crystal Sheet.

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