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Rare Earth Fluorides

Rare Earth Elements (REE), is one of a set of seventeen chemical elements in the periodic table, specifically the fifteen lanthanides, as well as scandium and yttrium.

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  • Thulium (III) Fluoride (TmF3)

    High Purity Thulium (III) Fluoride (TmF3)Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) offers thulium fluoride powder and other rare earth compounds with competitive price.Other thulium products: Thulium Oxide (Tm2O3), Thulium Metal (Tm Metal)

  • Terbium (III) Fluoride (TbF3)

    Supplier of Terbium (III) Fluoride (TbF3)Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted supplier of terbium fluoride and other rare earth products in US.Other terbium compounds: Terbium Oxide (Tb4O7), Terbium (III) Chloride (TbCl3), Terbium (III) Carbonate (Tb2(CO3)3), Terbium (III) Sulfate (Tb2(SO4)3), etc.

  • Praseodymium (III) Fluoride (PrF3)

    Praseodymium (III) Fluoride (PrF3) - SAMStanford Advanced Materials supplies high quality praseodymium fluoride, purity from 99% to 99.95%.Other praseodymium products: Praseodymium Metal (Pr Metal), Praseodymium (III, IV) Oxide (Pr6O11), etc.

  • Neodymium (III) Fluoride (NdF3)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) supplies a variety of neodymium products such as neodymium metal in different shapes, neodymium compounds, neodymium evaporation materials, etc. Related neodymium products: Neodymium Metal, NdFeB Strip Cast Alloys, Neodymium Oxide (Nd2O3)

  • Ytterbium Fluoride (YbF3)

    Ytterbium Fluoride (YbF3) supplier - SAMStanford Advanced Materials provides high purity Ytterbium compounds including ytterbium oxide (Yb2O3) and ytterbium fluoride (YbF3). Our ytterbium fluoride (Ytterbium trifluoride) can reach 99.995% purity.Related products: ytterbium oxide (Yb2O3)

  • Yttrium Fluoride (YF3•xH2O)

    Trusted Yttrium Fluoride (YbF3) supplier - SAMStanford Advanced Materials supplies good quality yttrium compounds including yttrium dihydride (YH2), yttrium oxide (Y2O3) and yttrium fluoride (YF3). High purity ytterbium fluoride (YF3) up to 99.995% is available with competitive price.Other yttrium compounds for reference: yttrium dihydride (YH2), yttrium...

  • Scandium Fluoride (ScF3•xH2O)

    Trusted Scandium (Sc) Compounds manufacturer – SAMStanford Advanced Materials provides the highest quality Scandium compounds. Our Scandium Fluoride (Scandium Trifluoride) can reach 99.999% purity. Other Scandium compounds: Scandium Metal, Scandium Metal Powder, Scandium Aluminum Alloys, Scandium Chloride, Scandium Nitrate, etc.

  • Lanthanum Fluoride (LaF3) Powder

    High Purity Lanthanum Fluoride (LaF3) PowderStanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading supplier of lanthanum products. We provide various lanthanum products in different shapes and forms.Related lanthanum products: Lanthanum Metal, Lanthanum (III) Oxide (La2O3)

  • Samarium (III) Fluoride (SmF3)

    Samarium (III) Fluoride (SmF3) for saleHigh purity Samarium (III) Fluoride powder can be supplied by Stanford Advanced Materials with competitive price. Other customized samarium products including samarium metal and samarium oxide are also available upon your requirements.Other samarium products: Samarium Metals (Sm Metals), Samarium Oxide (Sm2O3),...

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