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Refractory Metal Oxides

We offer various, carefully produced refractory metal oxides in different grades.



Zirconium oxide ZrO2


Zirconium oxide ZrO2 occurs in various crystal modifications that have a significant impact on mechanical characteristics. Pure zirconia ZrO2 (not stabilized) is available as a white powder in various purities:

• ZrO2 min. 99.50 %
• ZrO2 min. 99.95 %

Doped zirconium oxides


Zirconium oxides can also be doped with other chemical elements such as cerium (Ce), scandium (Sc), and yttrium (Y). Our production technology enables us to manufacture chemically precipitated and fused materials.

Yttria-stabilized Zirconia (YSZ)


YSZ is one of the most popular raw materials for manufacturing components that are subject to high mechanical loading. This white to yellowish powder containing 3 – 8 mol% yttrium is produced using chemical precipitation or melting (high-density powder). The particle size varies from < 0.5 µm to 1 mm. It is also available as a ready-to-press powder.

• 3 YSZ 3.00 Mol % yttria
• 7.5 YSZ 7.50 % yttria by weight
• 8 YSZ 8.00 Mol % yttria

Ceria stabilized zirconia CeSZ


CeSZ, like YSZ, exhibits excellent fracture toughness and is therefore ideal for structural ceramic components. Standard products contain 18% ceria (CeO2) by weight. The particle size ranges from < 1 µm to 1 mm. Our production technology uses chemical precipitation or melting to manufacture CeSZ.



Other refractory metal oxides

Vanadium oxide VO2

Vanadium oxide is a powder that is available in various purities and particle sizes. We can also produce it with application-specific characteristics upon request.

• Vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) industrial or pure
• Vanadium trioxide (V2O3)
• Niobium oxide Nb2O5
• Titanium oxide TiO2
• Hafnium oxide HfO2
• Molybdenum oxide MoO2: Roasted molybdenum concentrate
• Tungsten oxide: Blue WO2.9, yellow WO3
• Tantalum oxide Ta2O5



• Bio and dental ceramics
• Electroceramics 
• Investment casting / Glass fusion
• Engineering ceramics 
• Catalysts 
• Pigments
• Spray powders for coatings 


Other applications include:

• Sensors: Lambda probe
• Mechanical and process engineering: Casting cores and crucibles, melt filters, cutting inserts, port liners
• Roller bearings
• Grinding beads
• Lithium batteries
• Additives in special ceramics for high-performance electronics (transistors)
• Wear-resistant components based on HfO2-reinforced Al2O3ceramics


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