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  • NB0040 Niobium Flange

    Stanford Advanced Materials manufactures and supplies kinds of high-quality niobium flanges and we are able to produce them according to the clients specifications.

  • NBZ0042 Niobium Zirconium Alloy Foil

    Our high-quality niobium-zirconium foil widely is used in anti-corrosion, capacitors, optical target material, superconductors, medical treatment, refrigeration, etc.

  • OX1321 Niobium Monoxide (NbO) Powder, Capacitor

    Supplier of Niobium Monoxide (NbO) Powder, Stanford Advanced Materials provides high purity Niobium Monoxide Capacitor Powder with competitive price. Other niobium products: Pure Niobium, Niobium Oxide Powder, Niobium Carbide Powder, Niobium Chloride, etc.

  • NB0038 Niobium Crucible / Niobium Cup

    Our high-quality niobium crucible & niobium cup is mainly used in metallurgical industry, chemical industry, machinery processing, glass and ceramic industries. Price competitive!

  • NBZ0044 Niobium Zirconium Alloy Tubes / Pipes

    Niobium-zirconium tube & pipe are in gray metal color with high strength & conductivity. they are used in steel, ceramics, electronics, nuclear energy & superconductors.

  • NBZ0045 Niobium Zirconium Alloy Rods / Bars

    Niobium-zirconium rod & bar are made from niobium powder by forging and polishing. they are used in steel, metallurgy, atomic energy, superconductors, medical equipment, etc.

  • NB1310 Spherical Niobium Powder (Spherical Nb Powder)

    Spherical Niobium Metal Powder for saleStanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading supplier of niobium metal powder in various shapes and sizes. Customized products are also available.Other niobium metals: Niobium Ingot (Nb Ingot), Niobium Foil (Nb Foil), Niobium Plate/Board, Niobium Tube/Pipe, etc.

  • NB1320 Superconducting Niobium Rods & Ingots

    High purity superconducting niobium rods or ingots can be supplied by Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) with competitive price.Other niobium products: Pure Niobium, Niobium Zirconium Alloy, Niobium Hafnium Alloy, Niobium Nickel Alloy, etc.

  • NBH0050 Niobium Hafnium Alloy Ingots

    Niobium-hafnium ingot has high melting point, fine anti-corrosion and workability. It can be made into mill products for pharmacy, semiconductor, aviation, nuclear, etc.

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