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About Tungsten (W)

Symbol: W
Atomic number: 74
Atomic weight: 183.84
Element category: transition metal
Pure tungsten is a hard, lustrous and silvery white metal. It also has the highest melting point, lowest vapor pressure and the highest tensile strength of all the elements.
Most tungsten is consumed for the production of tungsten carbide (WC), one of the hardest carbides. Tungsten alloys is also widely used in filaments in incandescent light bulbs, electric contacts, arc- welding electrodes, and radiation shielding.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) now can provide various tungsten products including:

Pure Tungsten Metal:
Shapes: rod, bar, plate, sheet, wire, crucible, boat, powder, etc.
Purity: ≥99.95%

Tungsten Heavy Alloy:
Tungsten Nickel Iron Alloy (W-Ni-Fe Alloy); Tungsten Nickel Copper Alloy (W- Ni-Cu Alloy)

Tungsten Composite:
Tungsten Copper Composite (W-Cu composite); Tungsten Silver Composite (W-Ag composite)

Tungsten Carbide (WC):
Cemented Tungsten Carbide: rod, strip, customized
Tungsten Carbide Powder: customized
Other tungsten carbide products: drill, cutter, tip, die, customized

Other Tungsten Products:
Poly tungsten (tungsten-filled polymer); tungsten trioxide (WO3); tungsten heater; tungsten electrode; furnace system parts; tungsten collimator; tungsten syringe shield; radiation shielding parts


For tungsten sputter targets, find here:

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  • Tungsten Powder (W Powder)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) supplies high purity Tungsten Powder with superior quality, improved performance and reduced costs. Related products: Tungsten Carbide Powder, Macro Tungsten Carbide Powder, Casting Tungsten Carbide Powder

  • Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) Powder

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted supplier of tungsten disulfide (WS2) powder.

  • Tungsten Disilicide (WSi2) Powder

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted supplier of tungsten disilicide (WSi2) powder.

  • Tungsten Sheet (High Purity W Sheet)

    Reliable Pure Tungsten supplier – SAMStanford Advanced Materials specializes in producing the highest quality tungsten sheets for 20 years. We provide tungsten sheets with various dimensions to meet your various needs. Other pure tungsten: Tungsten Rod/Bar, Tungsten Plate, Tungsten Wire, Tungsten Crucible,Tungsten Tube etc.

  • Tungsten Rod & Tungsten Bar (High Purity W Rod& W Bar)

    Leading Tungsten Rod for sale - SAM Stanford Advanced Materials always uses its experience and expertise to provide the highest quality pure tungsten products. We offer tungsten rods and tungsten bars in wide dimensions. SAM can also provide machined tungsten rod and parts. Other pure tungsten: Tungsten Plate, Tungsten Sheet, Tungsten Wire, Tungsten...

  • Tungsten Crucible (High Purity W Crucible)

    tungsten crucibles for sale Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) manufactures various tungsten crucibles and other Tungsten parts such as tungsten heaters, heat insulation screens, tungsten sheets, supports, etc. We provide tailor-made products according to your drawings and specific requirements. Other pure tungsten: Tungsten Rod / Bar, Tungsten Plate,...

  • Tungsten Plate (High Purity W Plate)

    Trusted Pure Tungsten supplier – SAMStanford Advanced Materials provides tungsten plates with high purity (≥ 99.95%). Our W plates are widely used in ion implantation, sputtering and coating, medical CT, electronics and vacuum equipment. Other pure tungsten: Tungsten Rod/Bar, Tungsten Sheet, Tungsten Wire, Tungsten Crucible, etc.  

  • Tungsten Wire (High Purity W Wire)

    Global Pure Tungsten manufacturer – SAMStanford Advanced Materials always supplies the best Tungsten Wire at a competitive price. Additionally, we also provide tungsten meshes which have many applications. Other pure tungsten: Tungsten Heater, Tungsten Rod/Bar, Tungsten Sheet, Tungsten Plate, Tungsten Crucible, etc.

  • Polymer Tungsten (Tungsten-filled Polymer)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a professional supplier of Polymer Tungsten. We offer various polymer tungsten products according to your requirements. Related products: Tungsten Collimator

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