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Rhenium Alloy

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  • Rhenium Tungsten Wire (W-Re Wire)

    Reliable Supplier of Tungsten Rhenium WireStanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides various high quality tungsten rhenium wire (W-Re Wire) with competitive price. Other shapes including plate, sheet, foil, rod, etc. can also be manufactured and supplied.Other tungsten alloys can be found here.For more rhenium metals, please click here.

  • Rhenium-Molybdenum Wire, Rod, Tubing, Board

    As a Rhenium supplier, Stanford Advanced Materials provides our customers with Molybdenum-rhenium products including wire, plate, rod tubes and custom machined parts. Typical rhenium concentrations of our Mo/Re products are 41%, 44.5% and 47.5%, so called 50/50 Moly Rhenium alloy. 

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