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Rhenium Compounds

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  • Methyltrioxorhenium(VII)

    Methyltrioxorhenium(VII) is called Methylrhenium trioxide(VII) or  MTO. This Re compound is an organometallic compound with the formula CH3ReO3. MTO is a colourless solid that has been used as a catalyst in some chemical laboratories.

  • Rhenium Oxides

    We provide our customers with high purity Rhenium Oxides series, including rhenium(VII) oxide, rhenium(IV) oxide and rhenium trioxide. The largest user for Rhenium oxide is chemical industry's catalytic uses.

  • Ammonium Perrhenate

    Ammonium perrhenate(APR) was discovered soon after rhenium. APR could be produced from almost all normal sources of Re and it is the most common form in which Re is traded. NH4ReO3 is white and crystal-like salt, with good water solubility.  Ammounium Perrhenate is often used to produce high purity Rhenium powder. 

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