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PH1280 Anionic Fluorosurfactant Maximize

PH1280 Anionic Fluorosurfactant

Catalog No.Fluorine 120
AppearanceSlightly yellow transparent liquid
SolublenessOil, water
Effective content100 %

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Fluorosurfactant, or fluorinated surfactant, is a surfactant that contains a perfluoroalkyl group. It can be polyfluorinated or fluorocarbon-based (perfluorinated). It can realize low surface tension with smaller adding amount as compared with generally used hydrocarbon surfactants or silicone surfactants.
Our anionic fluorosurfactant is a perfluoro surfactant, and is applicable to water-base, oily system. It has a low critical surface tension and excellent surface activity in very low working substance. The system added with it can express excellent wettability, permeability, spreading force and leveling.

Anionic Fluorosurfactant fluorosurfactant


100% active fluorosilicone copolymer
Storage condition: Unopened stored at room temperature; the shelf-life of the product from the date of the production for 24 months.


Our anionic fluorosurfactant is widely used in coatings, inks, floor wax, pesticides, electronic-cleaning and electroplating treatment agent products.


100g: brown PET bottle
0.5kg, 5kg, 25kg: iron drum

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