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Gadolinium (III) Chloride Hydrate (GdCl3)

Catalog No.CL64
Purity99.9%, 99.99%
CAS Number13450-84-5
AppearanceCrystalline Aggregates
Molecular formulaGdCl3•6H2O

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted supplier of high purity Gadolinium (III) Chloride and a wide range of high purity rare earth compounds.

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Gadolinium (III) chloride; gadolinium trichloride; gadolinium chloride anhydride REO white powder; GdCl3

Gadolinium (III) chloride hydrate is a rare earth compound of Gadolinium. It is water-soluble and hygroscopic. Gadolinium is a rare earth element with a high magnetic moment. Due to its magnetic moment, Gadolinium is able to enhance signal intensity by reducing relaxation times. It is also used for semiconductor fabrication and nuclear reactor shielding. When combined with EDTA ligands, Gadolinium can be used as an injectable contrast agent for MRIs. 

Gadolinium chloride


  • Widely applied in electronic industry and scientific research.
  • Used for extracting gadolinium and gadolinium compounds.
  • In crystal form, used as an active laser medium.
  • Used in phosphors for energy-saving application due to its high purity.
  • Used for making optical glass.
  • Used as a doping agent for gadolinium yttrium garnets.
  • Catalyst and ceramic applications.


Item No.




Gadolinium Chloride
TREO: > 45%



Gadolinium Chloride
TREO: > 45%


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Packaging of SAM Gadolinium (III) Chloride Hydrate:
Our Gadolinium (III) Chloride is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition


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