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LA1749 Lanthanum aluminate (LaAlO3) Maximize

LA1749 Lanthanum aluminate (LaAlO3)

Catalog No.LA1749
Chemical FormulaLaAlO3
ColorColorless to Tan to Brown
Density6.51g cm-3
Melting point2453K

Stanford Advanced Materials supplies our customers with high-quality Lanthanum aluminate (LaAlO3).

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Description of Lanthanum Aluminate

Lanthanum aluminate has a characteristic white color. Stanford Advanced Materials supplies our customers with high-quality Lanthanum aluminate (LaAlO3), and we are able to provide particle sizes ranging from 1 µm to 1 mm.

Materials Properties of Lanthanum Aluminate



Crystal Growth


Growth Method:


Growth Direction:


Max. Diameter

3 inches

Crystallographic Properties


Crystal Structure:

Rhombohedral @ 25°C:
a = 0.5357 nm
α = 60°6’Cubic > 435°C:
a = 0.379 nm

Twin Structure:

Twins Parallel (100)


Colorless to Tan to Brown

Physical Properties



6.51g cm-3

Melting Point:


Thermal Expansion:

9.2 x 10-6 K-1

Dielectric Constant:


Loss Tangent (@ 77K, 10GHZ):

~ 6 x 10-5

Applications of Lanthanum Aluminate

LaAlO3 single crystal substrates are commonly used for epitaxial growth of thin films such as high Tc superconductors, magnetic and ferroelectric materials. The dielectric properties of LaAlO3 crystal make it suitable for low loss microwave and dielectric resonance electronics applications.  MSE Supplies can supply a wide range of LaAlO3 single crystals and epi-ready crystal substrates to meet customer's specific requirements. 

Packaging of Lanthanum Aluminate

Our lanthanum aluminate is carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation.

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