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OP0482 Ytterbium-doped Yttrium Aluminium Garnet (Yb:YAG) Maximize

OP0482 Ytterbium-doped Yttrium Aluminium Garnet (Yb:YAG)

Yb:YAG is an excellent laser-active material and more suitable for diode-pumping than the commonly used Nd-doped crystals. Compared with the traditional Nd:YAG crystal , Yb:YAG crystal has a much bigger absorption bandwidth to reduce thermal management of diode lasers. Yb:YAG crystal is expected to replace Nd:YAG crystal for high power diode-pumped lasers and other potential applications.

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Yb:YAG Specifications:

Dopant Concentration

Yb: 0.5 ~ 25%


[100] or[111]within 5°

Wavefront Distortion

≤ 0.125λ/inch

Extinction Ratio

≥28 dB

Rod Sizes

Upon request of customer

Dimensional Tolerances

Diameter +0.00"/-0.002"mm Length: ± 0.02"

Barrel Finish

Ground Finish: 400 Grit







Surface Quality



0.006"±0.002" at 45°± 5°

AR Coating Reflectivity

≤ 0.25% (@1030nm)

Single pass loss




1. To inquire or order a finished crystal, please provide specifications as listed above. For most applications, we only need to know the following:

1)Nd-dopant concentration;  2)sizes;  3)surface quality;  4) coating.

2. For special request, please provide detailed specification for evaluation and fabrication.

Send us an inquiry now to find out more information and the latest prices,thanks!

Please include item quantity, size and purity.

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