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CY0488 Chromium-doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Cr:YAG) Maximize

CY0488 Chromium-doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Cr:YAG)

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides Cr4+:YAG with Cr4+ doping level from 0.5mol% to 3mol%. The size could be from 2×2mm2 to 14×14mm2 with length from 0.1mm to 12mm available. We can control the initial transmission from 10% to 92% according to customers’ requirements.

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Cr:YAG Specifications:

Dopant Concentration

Nd: 0.5~1.2 %


<111> crystalline direction


< λ/10 @ 632.8 nm





Surface Quality

10/5 (MIL-O-13830A)

Optical Quality

Interference fringes ≤ 0. 125 /inch Extinction ration Ø3~Ø6.35 ≥ 28Db, Ø7~Ø10 ≥ 25dB


Rods: Ø (3~10)mm×(30~180)mm (L) Slabs: (3~12)mm×(6~24)mm×(60~180)mm (L) Upon request of customer

Dimensional tolerances

Diameter: +0/-0.05mm Length: ±0.5mm , Chamfer : <0.1 mm @ 45º

AR-Coating Reflectivity

R≤ 0.2% (@1064nm)

HR-Coating Reflectivity

R>99.8%@1064nm and T>95%@808nm

Other HR coatings

Such as HR @ 1064/532 nm, HR @ 946nm, [email protected] nm and other wavelengths are also available

Damage Threshold

> 500MW/cm2



1. To inquire or order a finished crystal, please provide specifications as listed above. For most applications, we only need to know the following:

1)Nd-dopant concentration;  2)sizes;  3)surface quality;  4) coating.

2. For special request, please provide detailed specification for evaluation and fabrication.

Send us an inquiry now to find out more information and the latest prices,thanks!

Please include item quantity, size and purity.

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