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NN1566 Nano Tantalum Powder

Catalog No.NN1566
APS60 nm
Specific surface area(m2/g)24.40
Color Black

According to user requirements of nano particle,Stanford Advanced Materials can provide different size of Nano Tantalum Powder.

More details

Introduction of Nano tantalum powder:
Nanometer tantalum powder by variable current laser ion beam method of gas phase process, high purity, uniform particle size, surface structure, complete and specific surface area, high surface activity.Nano tantalum density of 16.5 g/cm3, melting point is 2800 degrees.Tantalum capacitor is the most widely used in military electronic field capacitor products, electronic product size becomes smaller and smaller, for tantalum capacitor to develop in the direction of miniaturization, high capacity, tantalum powder specific capacity is closely related to the particle density, particle size is fine, the greater the specific capacity, so the preparation of nanometer tantalum powder, promote the development of the tantalum capacitor.

Applications of Nano tantalum powder:
Due to its malleability, high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant properties, industry widely used in chemical industry, electronics, military, mechanical, and aerospace and other fields, manufacturing electronic originals, heat resistant materials, corrosion resistant equipment, catalyst, mold, advanced optical glass, etc., also used as a medical on medicine into the material, surgical material and contrast agents.

Storage conditions of Nano tantalum powder:
This product should be stored in dry, cool and sealing of the environment, can not be exposure to air, in addition should avoid the heavy pressure, according to ordinary goods transportation.

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