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NdFeB Strip Cast Alloys

Catalog No.ME60A
GardeAll general grade or customization

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is committed to producing high performance NdFeB strip casting alloys.

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Product Description:
NdFeB strip cast alloy is the main raw material to produce high performance sintered magnets. Our high-end NdFeB alloys are characterized by uniform thickness, coniform crystal structure, equally distributed Nd-riched Phase and no precipitation of α-Fe. 

NdFeB Strip Cast Alloy

Process Flow Diagram of SAM NdFeB Strip Cast Alloys:

dosing ——>charging ——>smelting

              Dosing                                     Charging                              Smelting

testing——>barrelling ——>shipping

            Testing                                      Barrelling                             Shipping

We manufacture according to customers’ requirements. Send us an inquiry and provide your drawings!

SEM Photos of NdFeB Strip Cast Alloys:


Synonyms of NdFeB Strip Cast Alloys:
Neodymium-Iron-Boron Alloy Strip-Casting Flakes
NdFeB Alloy Strip-Casting Flakes
Neodymium Alloy Flakes
Nd2Fe14B Alloy Strip-Casting Flakes
Neo Alloy Strip-Casting
Neodymium-Iron-Boron SC Flakes
NdFeB Alloy SC Flakes
Nd2Fe14B Alloy SC Flakes
NdFeB Alloy Flakes
Nd-Fe-B alloy (strip cast method)

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