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NT0401 Nitinol Wire & Nitinol Rod (Nickel titanium) Maximize
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NT0401 Nitinol Wire & Nitinol Rod (Nickel titanium)

Catalog No.TN22-NW/TN22-NR
Size0.004”-0.2” Diameter for wire
MaterialTitanium Nickel Alloy
StandardASTM F2063
SurfaceBlack or Pickled or Polished

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Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) manufactures Nitinol Wire and Nitinol Rod commonly used in medical science as well as other various applications.

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Nitinol Wire Introduction:

Nitinol, also known as Nickel Titanium or Titanium Nickel Alloy, exhibits the unique properties of shape memory and superelasticity.

Nitinol Wire Shape memory is the ability to undergo deformation at one temperature, and then revert back to its original, pre-deformation shape upon heating above its transformation temperature. 

Nitinol Wire Superelasticity is the phenomena where in the narrow range above its transformation temperature, no heating is necessary for Nitinol to revert back to its original shape, demonstratng enormous elasticity, up to 10-30 times that of ordinary metal. 

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Specifications of Nitinol Wire and Nitinol Rod

Product Name

Nitinol Wire

Nitinol Rod


0.004”-0.2” Diameter

>0.2” Diameter

Surface Finish

Black, Pickled, Polished (Dia.>0.04”)

Black, Pickled, Polished


Straight wires, Coils, Spools

Straight rods


Dental braces, Stent, Fishing wire, Springs, Eyeglass frames, etc.


Other available geometries

Square/Rectangular wire and other customized shapes

Bar and other customized shape


bendable_glasses nitinol


How to finalize your demands

Magic Shape Memory Nitinol Wire Experiment

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