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NT0404 Nitinol Spring (Nickel titanium) Maximize
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NT0404 Nitinol Spring (Nickel titanium)

Catalog No.TN22-MS
MaterialTitanium Nickel Alloy
Density~6.45 g/cc
SurfaceBlack or Pickled or Polished

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading supplier of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA alloy) products. We offer high-quality nitinol springs which are widely used in modern applications. SMA alloys are also available as Nitinol Wire & Nitinol Rod, Nitinol Strip & Nitinol Foil, Nitinol Sheet, etc.

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Nitinol Spring Shape Memory Introduction:

Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) are one of the most promising smart materials available today, and they can provide novel solution in several fields and for various applications (e.g. actuator, biomedical application, clamping systems, etc.). Shape Memory Alloys demonstrate a unique ability to recover their initial shape after deformation through a reversible thermo-elastic phase transformation. This ability allows Shape Memory Alloys to recover from large strains, either spontaneously (pseudo elasticity) or through an increase in temperature (Shape Memory Effect). Among the commercially available Shape Memory Alloys, nickel–titanium (Ni–Ti and Ni–Ti based) alloys are outstanding due to their excellent performance, reliability, and strain recovery properties. Ni–Ti alloy is attractive for various medical applications due to its biocompatibility, corrosion resistance and fatigue behavior.

Specific advantages of SMA Nitinol Spring include:

A. Superior reliability
B. No gas or liquid leaks
C. 2-3x higher heat sensitivity compared to waxy components.
D. Shorter response time to temperature changes.
E. Lowered the total cost of modern SMA springs.
F. Our Nitinol can be used in standard compression, extension or torsion springs.

nitinol spring nitinol springs 2Nitinol Spring-Af=55℃

Nitinol Spring Applications:

- Nitinol is used to produce bend-resilient glasses frames.
- Nitinol springs are also used as mechanical watch springs.
- Nitinol can be used as a temperature control system; as it changes shape, it can activate a switch or a variable resistor to control the temperature.
- Nitinol is used in cell-phone technology as a retractable antenna, or microphone boom, due to its highly flexible nature and mechanical memory properties.
- Nickel titanium alloys are used to make the underwires for underwire bras.

nitinol watch springs nitinol glass frame

Nitinol Spring extends at 55 degree centigrade

Packaging of SAM Nitinol Spring

Our nitinol springs are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

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