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CY1259 Rhodium on carbon (Rh/C) Catalyst Maximize

CY1259 Rhodium on carbon (Rh/C) Catalyst

Catalog No.CY1259
PurityExtent of labeling: 5 wt. % loading
CAS Number7440-16-6
Chemical FormulaRh
AppearanceBlack powder

Rhodium on carbon (Rh/C) Catalyst supplier
Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) supplies high quality Rhodium on carbon (Pt/C) catalyst for a wide range of industrial use.
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Rhodium on carbon (Pt/C) catalyst is a common catalyst. It is a black solid and can be used in many chemical reactions as special catalyst.

rhodium on carbon (Rh/C)


Rhodium on carbon (Pt/C) catalyst is used in:
- the conversion of nitriles to primary amines
- hydrogenation of aromatic rings, pyridines, aldehydes and sugars


1, 5, 25 g in glass bottle

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