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PT0453 Platinum Wire (Pt Wire)

Catalog No.PT2000
SizeDiameter > 0.0185mm
MaterialPlatinum (Pt), PtAu5 (95% Pt and 5% Au), PtIr5 (95% Pt and 5% Ir), PtRh5 (95% Pt and 5% Rh),
PurityPt ≥ 99.95%, Au ≥ 99.99%, Ir ≥ 99.99%, Rh ≥ 99.99%

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Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is an international supplier of precious metal products. We provide a wide range of precious metal wires including platinum wire, gold wire, silver wire, palladium wire. Custom shape of pure platinum metal or platinum alloys can be manufactured according to your requests.

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Platinum Wire Specifications:

-Purity of Platinum metal: 99.99%, 99.95%
-Platinum alloys: Platinum Iridium alloy (5%, 10%, 20% iridium), Platinum Gold alloy, thermocouple wire (Platinum-Rhodium wire)
Diameters: 0.10 mm (0.004") - 4.0 mm (0.16")
Shape: round, half round, or square

SAM_platinum wire_1  SAM_platinum wire_2

Application of Platinum Wire:

Platinum's inert properties, high melting point, ductility, and resistance to corrosion and oxidation allow for use in the following industries:

-Platinum-Rhodium Thermocouple Wire (Pt-Rh Thermal Couple Wire)
Type R thermocouple wire: (+) 87% Pt, 13% Rh; (-) 100% Pt
Type S thermocouple wire: (+) 90% Pt, 10% Rh; (-)100% Pt
Type B thermocouple wire: (+) 70% Pt, 30%Rh; (-)94% Pt, 6% Rh
Wire Diameters/mm(inch): 0.03 (0.001) – 0.81 (0.032)

Pt-Rh Thermocouple Wire_1  Pt-Rh Thermocouple Wire_2

-Platinum Electrodes
Platinum electrode-1  Platinum electrode-2

-Platinum coated wire
platinum coated wire_1  platinum coated wire_2

-Jewelry making
platinum ring

PDFPlatinum Maintenance Guide

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