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OP509 Corner Cubes Retroreflectors Maximize

OP509 Corner Cubes Retroreflectors

Corner cubes reflect a beam parallel to the incident ray, regardless of the relative orientation of the beam and prism. This reduces setup time for applications in which a single-faced mirror would be an impractical reflector. Our corner cubes function at large angles of incidence, ensuring precision alignment while requiring only minimal adjustment.

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BK7 Grade A optical glass

Dimension Tolerance:



Propective bevel

Clear Aperture:


Surface Quality:

60-40 scratch and dig


l /4 @632.8 nm on big surface; 
l /10 @632.8 nm on other surface

Wavefront Distortion

l /2 @632.8

Angle deviation:

180° ±3 arc sec

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