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ZR1339 Zirconium Pellets (Zr Pellets)

Catalog No.ZR1339

High Quality Zirconium Pellets
Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides high purity zirconium pellets and other zirconium metal products with competitive price. Customized forms are available upon request.
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Zirconium Pellet Introduction:

Zirconium pellets takes on the look of a silvery metal, as do most zirconium products. With a high melting point of 1855°C (3371°F) and a small neutron adsorption cross-section, zirconium pellets is excellent for the nuclear power industry. Zirconium pellets is also finding many other uses as people are becoming more familiar with the product.

zirconium pellets zirconium pellet

Zirconium Pellet Specification:

Material: Zr702 (99.2%), high purity Zr(99.95%)
Length: 2-5mm
Other dimensions are available for relatively large quantity.

Zirconium Pellet Applications:

Zirconium pellets is usually cut from thin long zirconium rods. Small pellets are quite convenient as evaporation material or as raw material for lab melting. We have semi stocked material for high both commercial pure R60702 and high purity Zr made from zirconium crystal bars.

Zirconium Pellet Packaging:

Our zirconium pellets are carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.

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