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Nitrogen is crucial to existence in the world. It is a component of all proteins and it is able to be found in all living systems. Nitrogen compounds are found in natural substances, meals, fertilizers, explosives and poisons. Nitrogen is crucial to existence, but in excess it can also be dangerous to the surroundings.

Named after the Greek phrase nitron, for "native soda," and genes for "forming," nitrogen is the 5th maximum abundant detail inside the universe. Nitrogen gasoline constitutes seventy eight percentage of Earth's air, in line with the Los Alamos countrywide Laboratory. alternatively, the atmosphere of Mars is best 2.6 percent nitrogen.

In its gas shape, nitrogen is colorless, odorless and commonly considered as inert. In its liquid shape, nitrogen is likewise colorless and odorless, and looks just like water, according to Los Alamos.

one of the maximum crucial nitrogen compounds is ammonia (NH3), which may be produced in within the so-known as referred to as Haber system, wherein nitrogen is reacted with hydrogen. The colorless ammonia fuel with a smelly scent can be without problems liquefied right into a nitrogen fertilizer. In reality, about eighty percent of ammonia this is produced is used as fertilizer, and it is also used as a refrigerant fuel; in the manufacture of plastics, textiles, pesticides, dyes; and in cleaning answers, in keeping with the big apple department of country.

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  • PBN0956 PBN Coated Graphite Products

    Stanford Advanced Materials provide full range of CVD material, such as PBN coated and silicon carbide coated products. As PBN and graphite are machinable materials, we could offer custom manufacturing service and deliver all kinds of products for semiconductor industries and applications require high temperature and high purity.

  • NR0102 Boron Nitride

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) can supply full ceramic parts made by Boron Nitride as well as pyrolytic boron nitride. Feel free to contact us for customized products. Related products: Boron Nitride Blank, Boron Nitride Plate, Boron Nitride Tube, Boron Nitride Crucibles

  • NR0103 Silicon Nitride Powder (CAS No.12033-89-5)

    Silicon nitride is used in rotating bearing balls & rollers, cutting tools, engine moving & wear parts, turbine blades, vanes & buckets, metal tube forming rolls & dies, etc.

  • NR0098 Aluminum Nitride

    Aluminum nitride is used as substrates for electronic packages, heat sinks, power transistor bases, microwave device packages, material processing kiln furniture, etc.

  • HBN0921 Hot Pressed Boron Nitride Ring (BN Ring)

    Stanford Advanced Materials provides our customers with high quality Hot Pressed Boron Nitride (H-BN ceramic). BN Ring is available from high-temperature-(1900C)-formed 99% pure composite boron nitride materials. Related products: Boron Nitride Break Ring, Boron Nitride Rod, Boron Nitride Blank, Boron Nitride Tube, Boron Nitride Crucible

  • NR0099 Titanium Nitride

    Titanium nitride is used in aerospace components, medical devices, surgical and dental implants, plastic molds, extrusion dies, food processing equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, etc.

  • NR0101 Magnesium Nitride

    Magnesium nitride is used as an agent in the inorganic and organic synthesis and rubber industry. It's also seeking applications in semiconductor industry.

  • PBN0955 PBN machined products

    Stanford Advanced Materials provide full range of CVD material, such as pyrolytic graphite, pyrolytic boron nitride, and silicon carbide coated graphite. As PBN and graphite are machinable materials, we could offer custom manufacturing service and deliver all kinds of products.

  • NR0100 Calcium Nitride

    Our high-quality calcium nitride powder features in high purity and uniform particle size distribution. Different granularity can be provided according to customers needs.

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