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About Tellurium (Te)

Symbol: Te
Atomic number: 52
Atomic weight: 127.60
Element category: metalloid
Tellurium is a brittle, lustrous, silver-white metalloid and is mildly toxic. It has two allotropes, crystalline and amorphous. Crystalline tellurium is silver-white and amorphous tellurium is a black-brown powder.
Tellurium is a semiconductor and is frequently alloyed to aluminum, copper, lead or tin. When added to stainless steel and copper it makes them more machinable. Tellurium can also be used in cadmium telluride (CdTe) solar panels.
Tellurium forms many compounds, but none of them are commercially important.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) now can provide various tellurium products including:

Tellurium Metal:
Shapes: ingot, powder, lump, particle;
Purity: 3N-7N, or customized

Tellurium Compounds:
Tellurium dioxide (TeO2): 3N-7N

Tellurium Evaporation Material:
Tellurium (Te): 99.9%-99.999%


For tellurium sputter targets, find here:

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