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Niobium Hafnium Alloy

Niobium hafnium alloy has excessive melting point, first-rate anti-corrosion and workability. Niobium hafnium alloy may be used for pharmacy, semiconductor, aviation, nuclear, and so forth.
Our niobium hafnium foil, Niobium hafnium alloy sheet, Niobium hafnium alloy plates are used in chemical anti-corrosion, capacitors, optical goal materials, superconductors, scientific treatment, refrigeration, chemical industry, electroplate etc.
Niobium hafnium alloy tube & pipe are in gray steel colour with excessive electricity & conductivity; they may be utilized in metal, ceramics, electronics, nuclear electricity & superconductors.
Niobium hafnium alloy rod & bar are crafted from niobium powder by forging and sharpening, they're used in metallic, metallurgy, atomic power, superconductors, clinical gadget, and so forth.
Niobium hafnium alloy sputtering goal is utilized in chemical substances, ships, liquid crystal show (liquid crystal display) and conductive coating enterprise, and so on.
Our niobium hafnium alloy crucible is used in metallurgical enterprise, chemical industry, machinery processing, glass and ceramic industries.

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