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Niobium is a transition steel in institution five (VB) of the periodic desk. The periodic desk is a chart that indicates how chemical elements relate to each other.

Niobium has a completely exciting records. It become observed via English chemist Charles Hatchett (1765-1847) in 1801. Hatchett determined the detail in a stone sent from North america. He named the element columbium. For years, scientists argued approximately the perfect call for the detail. some still call the detail columbium, even though the reliable name is now niobium.

Niobium is used in lots of alloys. An alloy is made by way of melting and mixing two or more metals. The aggregate has residences unique from those of the individual metals. Niobium alloys are used in gadgets that come into contact with the human body, inclusive of earrings for pierced ears, nostril, and different frame parts. Niobium is used on this sort of earrings as it does not reason hypersensitive reactions or different troubles.

Niobium diselenide (NbSe 2 ) is from time to time used as a lubricant at high temperatures. It does no longer spoil down at temperatures up to about 1300°C. Niobium silicide (NbSi 2 ) is used as a refractory cloth. A refractory fabric is one which can resist very high temperatures.

Niobium alloys are used in rings due to the fact they may be lightweight and hypoallergenic (might not motive skin reactions).

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  • PD0064 Niobium Oxalate

    Niobium oxalate is white crystalline powder, soluble in water. It is used as catalyst in oil & chemical industry, and additives to make ferrite & dielectric materials.

  • OX0062 Niobium Oxide Powder

    Niobium oxide is white crystalline powder and turns into light yellow when meeting oxygen. It is used to make metal niobium, alloy, carbide, ceramics, optical glass, etc.

  • NR0069 Niobium Nitride Powder

    Our high-quality niobium nitride is in submicron & nanoparticle forms. It is widely used in ceramic materials, electrode materials, thin film materials and refractory.

  • BR0068 Niobium Boride Powder

    Our high-quality niobium boride powder is in submicron & nanoparticle forms. It is widely used in ceramic materials, electrode materials, thin-film materials, and refractory. Related products: Niobium Oxide Powder, Niobium Nitride Powder, Niobium Silicide Powder

  • CA0063 Niobium Carbide Powder

    Niobium carbide powder is a dark brown powder with a high melting point and good stability to chemical agents. It is used as additives to cemented carbide instead of tantalum carbide. Related Products: Titanium Carbide Powder, Tungsten Carbide Powder, Zirconium Carbide (ZrC) Powder.

  • CY0066 Lithium Niobate Wafers (LiNbO3 Wafers)

    Lithium Niobate Wafers are used in surface acoustic wave filters, interdigital transducers, optical modulators, pyroelectric IR detectors, etc. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted supplier and manufacturer of Lithium Niobate Wafers. Related product: Lithium Tantalate Wafers

  • NB0070 Niobium Silicide Powder

    Our high-quality niobium silicide is in submicron & nanoparticle forms. It is widely used in ceramic materials, electrode materials, thin film materials and refractory.

  • NB0065 Niobium Chloride

    Niobium pentachloride is monoclinic crystalline yellow-white crystals and mainly used in the manufacture of other niobium compounds. We can customize it for your needs.

  • OX1321 Niobium Monoxide (NbO) Powder, Capacitor

    Supplier of Niobium Monoxide (NbO) Powder, Stanford Advanced Materials provides high purity Niobium Monoxide Capacitor Powder with competitive price. Other niobium products: Pure Niobium, Niobium Oxide Powder, Niobium Carbide Powder, Niobium Chloride, etc.

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