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Germanium Evaporation Materials

Germanium is a silvery-white semi-metal. It is brittle. Elemental or metallic forms of Germanium include pellets, rod, wire and granules for evaporation source material purposes.

Used in deposition processes including semiconductor deposition, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD)
Used for optics including wear protection, decorative coatings, and displays.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) supplies high quality Germanium Evaporation Material, including Germanium Sulfide (GeS) Evaporation Materials, Germanium Selenide (GeSe2) Evaporation Materials, Germanium Nitride (Ge3N4) Evaporation Materials, Copper Germanium (Cu/Ge) Evaporation Materials, Germanium Telluride (GeTe) Evaporation Materials.

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