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Dysprosium Metal

Dysprosium is a rare earth element that has a metallic, bright silver luster.

As a pure metal it is little used, because it reacts readily with water and air. Dysprosium’s main use is in alloys for neodymium-based magnets. This is because it is resistant to demagnetisation at high temperatures. This property is important for magnets used in motors or generators. These magnets are used in wind turbines and electrical vehicles, so demand for dysprosium is growing rapidly.

Dysprosium iodide is used in halide discharge lamps. The salt enables the lamps to give out a very intense white light.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) supplies dysprosium Metal with various shapes, including powder, lump, sputter target, or customized.

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  • DY1068 Dysprosium Metal (Dy Metal)

    Dysprosium metal is a silver-white metal with a melting point of 1412°C, a boiling point of 2562°C, and a density of 8.55 g/cm3. Stanford Advanced Materials supplies high-purity dysprosium metal and dysprosium metal powder. Other products of rare earth elements: Thulium Oxide, Europium Oxide, Lutetium Oxide, etc.

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