Gadolinium Compound

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) supplies high quality Gadolinium Compound,including Gadolinium Oxalate (Gd2 (C2O4)3), Gadolinium (III) Nitrate (Gd(NO3)3), Gadolinium Oxide (Gd2O3) / Gadolinia, Gadolinium Hydroxide (Gd(OH)3), Gadolinium Sulfate (Gd2 (SO4)3) and so on.
Gadolinium Metal

About Gadolinium Compound

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) supplies high-quality Gadolinium Compounds, including Gadolinium Oxalate (Gd2 (C2O4)3), Gadolinium (III) Nitrate (Gd(NO3)3), Gadolinium Oxide (Gd2O3) / Gadolinia, Gadolinium Hydroxide (Gd(OH)3), Gadolinium Sulfate (Gd2 (SO4)3) and so on.

Its compounds are useful in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), particularly in diagnosing cancerous tumours. Gadolinium has useful properties in alloys. As little as 1% gadolinium can improve the workability of iron and chromium alloys, and their resistance to high temperatures and oxidation. It is also used in alloys for making magnets, electronic components, and data storage disks.

Key Advantages:

Diverse Range: Our collection of Gadolinium Compounds spans a wide spectrum of forms and compositions, tailored to your specific needs. From powders and solutions to custom-engineered compounds, we provide solutions that perfectly align with your project requirements.

Unique Properties: Gadolinium Compounds are renowned for their magnetic, optical, and catalytic properties. This makes them indispensable in industries where performance and functionality are paramount.

Precision Engineering: Our Gadolinium Compounds are meticulously crafted using advanced manufacturing techniques. This ensures consistent and reliable material properties, empowering you to design and manufacture with confidence.

Tailored Solutions: Collaborate with us to create Gadolinium Compounds that align precisely with your project requirements. Whether you need specialized compositions or specific forms, we're here to provide solutions that match your goals.

Versatile Applications:

Magnetic Devices: Gadolinium Compounds play a pivotal role in manufacturing high-performance magnets, sensors, and electronic devices.

Catalysis: Leverage the catalytic prowess of Gadolinium Compounds to enhance chemical reactions, improve efficiency, and develop sustainable solutions.

Optical Devices: Gadolinium Compounds are essential for optical applications, including lasers, phosphors, and light-emitting devices, enhancing precision and performance.

Medical Imaging: Gadolinium Compounds contribute to medical imaging technologies, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), driving advancements in healthcare.

Energy Technologies: Utilize Gadolinium Compounds' unique properties to advance energy-related applications, such as solid oxide fuel cells and renewable energy systems.

Why Choose Our Gadolinium Compounds?

Quality Assurance: Our Gadolinium Compounds undergo rigorous quality checks, ensuring they meet and exceed industry standards for purity and performance.

Expertise: Benefit from our extensive experience in compound synthesis and applications. Our team is here to guide you toward the best solutions for your projects.

Custom Solutions: Partner with us to create customized Gadolinium Compounds that precisely match your project goals.

Reliability: With a proven track record of delivering exceptional materials, we're your trusted source for Gadolinium Compounds that consistently perform as expected.


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