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Cadmium is a silvery metal with a bluish tinge to its surface. Cadmium is a poison and is known to cause birth defects and cancer. As a result, there are moves to limit its use.

80% of cadmium currently produced is used in rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries. However, they are gradually being phased out and replaced with nickel metal hydride batteries.

Cadmium was often used to electroplate steel and protect it from corrosion. It is still used today to protect critical components of aeroplanes and oil platforms.

Other past uses of cadmium included phosphors in cathode ray tube colour TV sets, and yellow, orange and red pigments.
Cadmium absorbs neutrons and so is used in rods in nuclear reactors to control atomic fission.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) manufactures and supplies high quality Cadmium Selenide Powder (CdSe Powder), Cadmium Sulfide Powder (CdS Powder) and Cadmium Metal (Cd Metal).

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  • SE1116 Cadmium Selenide Powder (CdSe Powder) (CAS No.1306-24-7)

    Based on 20 years of experience manufacturing advanced materials, SAM tries its best to provide the top of the line products for our customers worldwide. We offer ultra-high purity (up to 99.999% and above) Cadmium Selenide powder to be used in various applications. Related products: Cadmium Sulfide Powder, Bismuth (III) Selenide Powder, Copper (I)...

  • CD1111 Cadmium Sulfide Powder (CdS Powder) (CAS No.1306-23-6)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted manufacturer of cadmium sulfide powder (CdS). We always provide high-quality CdS powder at a competitive price. Related products: Cadmium Metal, Cadmium Selenide Powder  

  • CD1110 Cadmium Metal (Cd Metal) (CAS No.7440-43-9)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading supplier of cadmium metal. We offer ultra-high purity Cd Metal (up to 99.99999%) with superior quality and competitive prices. Related product: Cadmium Sulfide Powder, Cadmium Selenide Powder

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