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About Praseodymium (Pr)

Symbol: Pr
Atomic number: 59
Atomic weight: 140.90766
Element category: lanthanide
Praseodymium is a soft, silvery, malleable, ductile metal, belonging to the lanthanide group of the periodic table. It is reactive in the air but is valued for its magnetic, electrical, chemical, and optical properties.
Praseodymium has a wide range of applications. It can be used to create high-intensity permanent magnets in electric motors and generators. It also can be used as an alloying agent with magnesium to create high-strength metals that are used in aircraft engines. Praseodymium compounds are often used to give glasses and enamels a yellow color.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) now can provide various praseodymium products including:

Praseodymium Metal:
Shape: ingot, powder, sputter target
Purity: 2N-3N

Praseodymium Compound:
Praseodymium (III, IV) Oxide: 2N-5N5

Praseodymium Evaporation Material:
Praseodymium (Pr); Praseodymium Calcium Manganate; Praseodymium Oxide (Pr6O11)


For praseodymium sputter targets, find here:

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