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Ceramic Crucible

Ceramic crucibles are produced using a unique technology based on amorphous silica nanopowder systems, Ceramic crucibles are characterized by high heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

Crucibles are available for various types of furnaces induction heating of casting installations HF imported and domestically produced.

Ceramic crucibles are used for melting metals and alloys, they are used in prosthetic dentistry for the manufacture of cast crowns, gaps, bridges and other metal components of dentures in dental clinics, laboratories and workshops.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) supplies high quality Ceramic Crucible, including Alumina Boats, Hot Pressed Boron Nitride Crucible (H-BN Crucible), Beryllium Oxide (BeO) Ceramic Crucibles, Alumina Crucible, Zirconia Crucible (ZrO2 Crucible).

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  • AC0928 Alumina Boats, Al2O3 Ceramic

    Alumina boats are ceramic products with high thermal conductivity, compressive strength, and thermal shock resistance. Alumina boats can be used under high temperature for evaporation and do not contaminate most molten metals. Multiple sizes of boats and custom manufacturing are available. Related products: Alumina Mortar and Pestle Set, Alumina...

  • BC0969 Beryllium Oxide Ceramic Crucibles, BeO

    SAM's beryllium oxide ceramic crucibles are made of high purity beryllium oxide ceramics. SAM provides high-quality beryllium oxide ceramic products including heat sinks, crucibles, washers, thermocouple tubings and other custom-made substrates. Related: Beryllium Oxide Ceramic Heat Sinks, Beryllium Oxide Ceramic Substrates  

  • AC0925 Alumina Crucible, Al2O3 Ceramic

    Alumina crucible is a type of aluminum oxide ceramic products. SAM provides alumina ceramic products with high purity, tight dimensional tolerance, and competitive prices. All types of crucibles including MBE alumina crucibles and customized products are available. Related products: Alumina Mortar and Pestle Set, Alumina Plate, Alumina Custom Parts

  • ZC0937 Zirconia Crucible (ZrO2 Crucible)

    As a leading global supplier of advanced ceramics, Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides consistently high-quality Zirconia Crucibles, conical Zirconia Crucibles and thermal analysis Zirconia Crucibles in various shapes and sizes.  Related products: Zirconia Mortar and Pestle, Zirconia (YSZ) Tube, Yttria Stabilized Zirconia, Aluminaā€ˇ Stabilized...

  • HBN1659 Hot Pressed Boron Nitride Crucible (H-BN Crucible)

    Stanford Advanced Materials provides our customers with high quality hexagonal boron nitride crucibles (H-BN ceramic). BN crucibles are available from high-temperature-(1900C)-formed 99% pure composite boron nitride materials. Related products: Boron Nitride Rod, Boron Nitride Blank, Boron Nitride Tube, Boron Nitride Plate

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