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Precious Metal Crucible

Crucible can be used for melting and pouring Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass and more. Crucible is made of high grade fused Silica, withstands temperatures up to 2500°F / 1371°C. Crucibles should be glazed with borax prior to use, which also helps to extend the life of the crucible.

Crucible melting dish has a 12 T.Oz. capacity, can be used for melting and pouring Gold, Silver, Copper and Brass. Crucible has a solid thick extra heavy bottom base. The great acknowledged valuable metals are the coinage metals, which might be gold and silver. Other treasured metals consist of the platinum institution metals: ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium, and platinum, of which platinum is the maximum broadly traded.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) can supply high quality Precious Metal Crucibles, including Iridium Crucibles, Platinum Crucible & Mold, Standard Platinum Crucible, Gold Crucible, Platinum Tipped Tong, Standard Crucibles (Au, Ag, Ir) and Volatile Matter Platinum Crucible.

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  • IR0887 Iridium Crucibles

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has over two decades of experience in supplying high-quality Iridium Crucibles at competitive prices. We are also able to customize this product per your specifications. Related Products: Iridium Sheet, Iridium Wire

  • PTU0411 Platinum Crucible & Mold (Replacements for Claisse®)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted manufacturer. We produce high quality Pt Crucible & Mold which is similar to Claisse® at great prices. Related products: Standard Platinum Crucible, Low and Wide Base Platinum Crucible, Volatile Matter Platinum Crucible

  • PTU0440 Platinum Crucible & Mold (Replacements for Katanax®)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) specializes in supplying high quality Platinum Crucible. We offer platinum crucible & mold at competitive prices. Other platinum products: Standard Platinum Crucible, Platinum Crucible & Mold (Replacements for Perl-X®), Platinum Crucible & Mold (Replacements for Phoenix), Platinum wire, Platinum Evaporating Dish, etc.

  • PTU0415 Platinum Crucible & Mold (Replacements for Vulcan)

    SAM – your reliable metal supplier At SAM, we always provide the best platinum crucibles and molds on the market. We also customize various shapes according to your requirements or drawings. Other popular platinum crucibles: standard platinum crucible, platinum crucible & mold (replacements for Katanax®), platinum crucible & mold (replacements...

  • PTU0409 Standard Platinum Crucible (Standard Pt Crucible)

    Standard Platinum Crucible is available at SAM. Equipped with rich experience and knowledge in the metal industry, SAM is a leading supplier of Standard Platinum Crucible. Related platinum products: Platinum (Pt) Crucible & Mold (Replacements for Claisse®), Platinum (Pt) Crucible & Mold (Replacements for Perl-X®), Platinum (Pt) Crucible &...

  • AU0449 Gold Crucible

    Stanford Advanced Materials provides Gold Crucible with a wide range of sizes and gold purity grades. We're capable of supplying custom materials per any specs/drawings you provide with us. Related products: Gold (Au) Evaporation Materials, Gold (Au) Catalyst (Organo-metallic Catalyst)  

  • PT0450 Platinum Tipped Tong (Pt Tipped Tong)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading supplier of platinum products. We provide high quality Platinum Tipped Tong at competitive prices.Other Pt products: Standard Platinum Crucible, Platinum wire, Low and Wide Base Crucible, Volatile Matter Platinum, Standard Platinum Dish. Visit more>>

  • PTU1025 Platinum Crucible & Mold (Replacements for Linn®)

    SAM is a worldwide leader in supplying all kinds of platinum products. We offer high-quality platinum crucibles and molds with competitive price. Other popular products such as Standard Platinum Crucible, platinum crucible & mold (replacements for Katanax®), platinum crucible & mold (replacements for Phoenix), platinum crucible & mold...

  • PTU0435 Platinum Crucible & Mold (Replacements for Phoenix)

    As a leading supplier, SAM ensures the highest quality platinum products. We offer high purity and customized platinum crucible & mold (replacements for Phoenix), platinum crucible & mold (replacements for Perl-X®),and platinum crucible & mold (replacements for Linn®. With our rich experience and knowledge in the metals industry, you can be...

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