DP2793 L605 Alloy Powder (UNS R30605)

Catalog No. DP2793
Appearance Gray metallic powder
Synonyms Alloy 25
Grade GH605, L605

L605 Alloy (UNS R30605) Powder can be bought at Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM). Equipped with rich experience and knowledge in the metals industry, SAM is a global manufacturer of high-quality L605 Alloy Powder.

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L605 Alloy Powder Description

L605 Alloy (UNS R30605) Powder is a non-magnetic cobalt-based superalloy. L605 Alloy maintains good strength up to 2150°F. L605 requires a minimum yield strength of 45,000 psi at room temperature. L605 maintains good oxidation resistance up to 1900° F. It has a unique ability to resist corrosion in very severe environments. Highly resistant to hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and wet chlorine, the alloy also has good sulfidation resistance and resistance to wear and galling.


L605 Alloy Powder Specifications

Product Name

L605 Alloy (UNS R30605) Powder

Alloy Grade

GH605, L605

Related Grades



Cr 19.0-21.0
Ni 9.0-11.0
Co Bal
W 14.0-16.0
C 0.05-0.15
Fe 17-20

Mn 1 max
Si 1 max
P 0.04 max
S 0.03 max
Cu 0.5 max1

Size Grades





AMS Specification



L605 Alloy Powder Applications

L605 Alloy Powder can be used in the hot sections of aircraft and land-based gas turbines in combustor liners and other applications requiring moderate strength and good oxidation resistance at high temperatures. L605 Alloy is the strongest of the formable cobalt alloys, useful for continuous service to 1800°F. Because of long and widespread use, this alloy has been the subject of many investigations to determine its properties over a wide range of conditions, thus making it an unusually well-characterized material. The alloy can also be used in industrial furnace applications such as muffles and liners in high-temperature kilns.


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