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Glove Box

Glovebox is a sealed container that is designed to allow one to manipulate objects where a separate atmosphere is desired. The gas in a glovebox is pumped through a series of treatment devices which remove solvents, water and oxygen from the gas.

A complete line of Glovebox is available to configure/customize these chambers for temperature and particle control, static safety, humidification/dehumidification and other critical operating conditions.

Stainless Steel Glove Box is ideal for applications in the field as well as the lab. Our glove boxes are designed around a modular platform that allows rapid delivery and provides customers the ability to expand existing cells with new enclosures to meet increasing workflow requirements easily.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) manufactures and supplies high quality Glove Box, including Super-Capacitor Glove Box, Low Temperature Glove Box, Stainless Steel Glove Box for Lithium Battery Research.

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