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Metal fiber felt

Metal Fiber Felt is made of metal fiber in micrometer through lapping, laminating and high temperature sintering. Multi-layer metallic fiber felt formed by layers of metallic fiber with different pore sizes can achieve high filtering accuracy and larger dirt holding capacity than single-layer felt.

It is not only resistant to corrosion and high temperature, but also can be welded, folded and reused. The Metal Felt is an ideal high efficient filter media, it is suitable for working at high temperature, high differential pressure and high corrosion atmosphere.

Metallic Fiber Felt is characterized by high dirt holding capacity (for in-depth filtration), long on-stream life-time and low pressure drop. The flow rates are up to 20 times higher versus other media.

Metallic Fiber Felt is cleanable, superior backwash and back pulse capabilities. It is easy to pleat and weld.

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  • MF1447 Metal Fiber Felt

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading supplier and manufacturer of metal fiber felt. Related Product: Nickel Fiber

  • MF2366 Titanium Fiber Felt (Ti)

    Titanium fiber felt can be customized and produced with various specifications and performances according to customer requirements. Related Products: Hastelloy Fiber Media, Titanium Fiber, Zinc Metallic Fiber, Nickel Fiber.

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