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Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Our battery alloys and hydrogen storage alloys need to meet highly specific requirements. Quality, high performance, and reliability are essential.

Battery alloys in rechargeable Ni-MH batteries are used in the following applications:
• Portable consumer electronics, audio devices, PCs, cellphones
• Cordless drills and drivers
• Emergency lighting
• Hybrid vehicles
• Bicycles

High-performance and long-life titanium-manganese-based hydrogen storage alloys for:
• Ships and submarines
• Bicycles, forklift trucks, and scooters

• Emergency power supplies and chargers

Extremely reliable hydrogen getter alloys, used in heat exchangers for parabolic trough power plants.

Vanadium electrolyte solutions for vanadium flow batteries that provide maintenance-free, long-life storage of power from photovoltaic plants and wind farms for mains-independent power supplies that serve:
• Municipalities, houses
• Lighthouses, radar systems
• Emergency power supplies, parking lot lighting
• Construction sites

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