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Hard Metals & Energy Storage

Hard Metals & Energy Storage

Hard metals and energy storage - for reduced wear and lasting performance

High product quality is an essential requirement in industrial applications of hard metals and energy storage, which is why our materials enjoy an outstanding international reputation.

The hard metals include: carbides, carbonitrides, nitrides and borides and tungsten metal powder for the tungsten processing industry. The same high-quality standards also apply to our energy storage materials based on lanthanum nickel and titanium manganese and our vanadium electrolyte solutions.

SAM has a long history as a skilled development partner and works in direct contact with customers to produce customized products. Our broad portfolio of products include:

• Hard materials, tungsten metal powder
• Hydrogen getter materials, hydrogen storage alloys, and battery alloys, Electrolyte Solutions
• Skutterudites for thermoelectricity (Thermology)

Quality & environment

Committed to top quality

One of the key strengths of our company is that we comply with your exact specifications and ensure these are met in full by our products.

The same applies to environmental matters. For example, although our production processes are subject to stringent controls, all emissions from production operations are strictly monitored. We also employ high-tech measures to prevent dust and noise emissions.

Research & development

A reputation as a leading innovator
We have built a prestigious reputation based on material development in the fields of special carbides, nitrides and borides for use with hard metals and cermets as well as our development work on special alloys and electrolyte solutions for energy storage.
Our innovations together with a broad technological basis that stretches from our R&D technical service center right through to production enable us to meet our customers’ requirements.


• Hard metals and cermets for cutting tools for machining wood, stone, steel, and composite materials
• Hydrogen storage alloys and vanadium electrolyte solutions
• Hydrogen getter materials and battery alloys for electrolyte solutions

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