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Mixed Oxides

We offer various, carefully produced mixed oxides in different grades.



Yttria alumina garnet YAG – Y3Al5O12
Yttria alumina garnet, YAG, is a white to grayish powder available in particle sizes ranging from 1 µm to 1 mm.


Yttria alumina zirconia YAZ
Yttria alumina zirconia, YAZ, consists of 99.00% yttria by weight, 0.50% alumina by weight, and 0.50% zirconia by weight. It exhibits a high melting point (2,400°C).


Lanthanum aluminate LaAlO3
Lanthanum aluminate has a characteristic white color. We are able to provide particle sizes ranging from 1 µm to 1 mm.


Calcium aluminate
The pre-melted aluminum calcium oxides produced at our metallurgical facilities have low secondary element content and are available in various grades.


YSZ – yttria-stabilized zirconia



Our oxide compounds and mixes are used in various applications where product quality and performance need to meet the highest standards.


• Bio and dental ceramics
• Electroceramics 
• Investment casting
• Glass fusion polishing
• Engineering ceramics 
• Catalysts 
• Membrane technology 
• Pharmaceuticals 
• Pigments, frits, and ceramics stains
• Spray powders for coatings 
• Steel and foundry industry 

Other applications

• Laser technology
• Nuclear technology
• Cement industry
• Fertilizers
• Wastewater treatment
• Luminescent substances
• Stabilizers for crystal modifications in industrial ceramics
• Ceramic cutting tools: Cutting inserts, drills, milling devices
• Ferromagnetic ceramics
• Structural ceramics, bioceramics

Other areas

• AZO, LaFu etc.

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