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Pharmaceutical industry

Products made by Stanford Advanced Materials are used in the pharmaceutical-chemical industry in numerous applications.

Our products meet the high-quality requirements of this industry – up to the GMP-compliant manufacture of active ingredients (APIs).


• Process catalysts in the chemical-pharmaceutical synthesis of active ingredients
• Phosphate binders
• Contrast media for magnetic resonance imaging
• Feedstuff additives
• Nutritional supplements



Rare earth, rare earth salts such as nitrates, chlorides, oxalates, acetates, hydrates, or carbonates as well as rare earth solutions, vanadium chemicals, anhydrous cerium chloride, Cer-IV-Ammonium nitrate, lanthanum compounds, gadolinium oxide.



• APIs
• Foodstuffs additives and vitamin preparations



Mixed compounds, rare earth, mixed oxides, rare earth oxides, refractory metals (salts & solutions)

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