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Graphite substance is used in pencils that is made of thin, weakly bonded layers of carbon. Graphene is being used to improved the capacity, longevity and charge rate of batteries. Graphene is pliable like rubber and can carry a thousand times more electricity than copper.

Graphene oxide contains a range of reactive oxygen functional groups, which renders it a good candidate for use in the polymer composites, energy-related materials, sensors, ‘paper’-like materials, field-effect transistors (FET), and biomedical applications, due to its excellent electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties.

SAM provides our customers graphene and graphene oxide from our graphene manufacturering facility equiped with latest production line. We are the graphene supplier that offers products with excellent quality stability and producing graphene in a large quantity is never a problem.

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  • OX0173 Graphene Oxide Nanopowder: Thickness 0.7~1.2nm

    We can provide our customers with high quality graphene oxide and nano powder with extremely high surface area. Our graphene oxide flake usually have an average thickness of 0.7~1.2nm in dispersion. Graphene oxide nano powder is a good choice for customers that has knowledge to make dispersion with supersonic equipment. 

  • OX0174 Graphene Oxide (5mg/mL, Water Dispersion)

    Nano Graphene Oxide Powder, 5 mg/ml, dispersion in water. Our graphene oxide dispersion is packed in 100ml plastic bottles for small quantity. Dispersions of graphene oxide lead to an extremely high single layer ratio and the single-layer content of the graphene, or graphite oxide could be larger than 96%.

  • GR0396 Graphene Nanopowder: Diameter 100nm

    Graphene is the thinnest material known and the strongest ever measured. It also conducts electricity and heat better than any other material and has extremely large surface area. Our graphene manufacturing facility has latest equipments, and we deliver products with top quality.

  • GR0903 CVD Graphene

    Stanford Advanced Materials now provides large area CVD graphene products. Our products have been applied to make prototype touch screen already and we are dedicated to delivering scientists and engineers with reliable and affordable graphene materials. Multiple choices of substrates and sizes are available.  

  • GR0398 Graphene Nanopowder: Diameter ~5um

    We provide high quality Graphene nanopowder with extremely high surface area. Our Graphene flakes usually have 1-8 layers and an average thickness of less than 1 nm. Various dispersions of our Graphene nanoplates are available upon request. Related Products: Graphene Nanopowder: Diameter 100nm, Graphene Oxide Nanopowder: Thickness 0.7~1.2nm.

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