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Radiation Shielding

Radiation Shielding

SAM tungsten alloy is ideal for shielding against X rays and gamma radiation. The very high density of SAM tungsten shielding (more than 60% denser than lead) allows a reduction in the physical size of shielding components, without compromising their rigidity or the effectiveness of the shielding characteristics.

Tungsten is referred to as one of the toughest matters discovered in nature. it is superb dense and nearly impossible to soften. natural tungsten is a silver-white metallic and while made into a high-quality powder may be combustible and might spontaneously ignite. herbal tungsten includes five solid isotopes and 21 different risky isotopes.

Tungsten is used in lots of extraordinary methods due to the fact it is very sturdy and sturdy. it is very immune to corrosion and has the very best melting factor and highest tensile power of any detail. Its energy comes whilst it's far made into compounds, although. natural tungsten could be very tender.

SAM tungsten shielding is used in applications such as collimators, nuclear shielding, beamstops, PET syringe shields, vial shields, isotope containers, FDG containers, multi leaf collimators, etc in the following industries:

Nuclear Medicine

Industrial Shielding Applications

Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Research

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