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AN1221 Platinized Niobium Anode Maximize

AN1221 Platinized Niobium Anode

Catalog No.AN1221
ShapeRod, Wire, Mesh
Metal TypePlatinized Niobium Anode

Platinized Niobium Anode for sale
Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) supplies various anodes including platinized titanium anodes, platinized niobium anodes, platinized niobium mesh anodes, etc. For other anodes, please send us inquiry first.
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Platinum is an excellent anode material due to its high conductivity and low consumption rate. But as one of the precious metals, platinum is often used by electroplating a thin layer over a high corrosion resistance substrate to reduce the cost. Niobium is one of the materials which are often used as an anode substrate.

platinized anodes


Allowable operating voltage: ≤12V
Shapes: Rod, Wire, Mesh
Rod length (mm): ≤3000
Rod dia. (mm): 12, 16, 19, 25
Wire length (m): ≤100
Wire dia. (mm): 1, 2, 3, 4
Mesh length (mm): ≤2500
Mesh width (mm): ≤800
Platinum thickness (μm): 5, 7.5, 10
Customized sizes are also available.


Platinized niobium anodes combine the excellent electrochemical characteristics of platinum with the very good corrosion qualities of niobium. Following is some examples of their applications:
- internal protection of condensers, process equipment etc.
- internal protection of water tanks and pipelines
- protection of reinforced concrete structures

Advantage of platinized niobium anode:

• Production of complex shape anodes possible
• Easy handling, low maintenance
• Low electric resistance
• Excellent corrosion characteristics
• Application also in fluoride containing baths
• Long service life at very high current density
• Dimensional stability
• Replating possible

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