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SB1130 Antimony Ingot (Sb Ingot) Maximize

SB1130 Antimony Ingot (Sb Ingot)

Catalog No.SB1130
Molecular FormulaSb
CAS Number7440-36-0
AppearanceBluish-white Ingot
Melting Point630.5 °C
Boiling point1750 °C

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted supplier of high density metallic Antimony Ingots and a wide range of antimony metals. 

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Antimony is a bluish-white brittle metal. It has low thermal and electrical conductivity. Antimony is stable in air at room temperature, but forms antimony trioxide (Sb2O3) if heated. Upon melting, it can be used to strengthen and harden other metals. Antimony Ingots have high corrosion and oxidation resistance and are ideal for conducting various chemical processes. They are among the least expensive metallic forms of Antimony and are frequently used for general applications.

antimony ingot antimony ingot


  • Alloyed with lead to improve hardness and mechanical strength. 
  • Applied in batteries, plain bearings and solders. 
  • Frequently used in metallurgy, electronics, ceramics, paints and rubber.
  • Used as a stabilizer, catalyst, and pigment in various applications.
  • Used as a flame retardant synergist.


Item No.




Antimony Metal Ingot

Pb < 0.30%, As < 0.10%, Fe < 0.03%


Antimony Metal Ingot

Pb < 0.10%, As < 0.05%, Fe < 0.02%


Antimony Metal Ingot



High Lead-Antimony Metal Ingot

Sb: 88-93%, Pb: 6-10%
As < 0.8%, Cu < 0.2%, Fe < 0.25%, S < 0.2

Other forms are available upon request.

Packaging of SAM Antimony Ingot (Sb Ingot):
Our antimony ingots are carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.


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