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SB2797 Cadmium Antimonide (CdSb) (CAS 12050-27-0) Maximize

SB2797 Cadmium Antimonide (CdSb) (CAS 12050-27-0)

Catalog No.SB2797
Molecular FormulaCdSb
AppearanceBlack powder/lump

Cadmium Antimonide (CdSb) (CAS 12050-27-0) is a crystalline solid that does not occur in nature. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is your one-stop platform to find Antimony products for sale in a variety of forms.

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Cadmium Antimonide (CdSb) (CAS 12050-27-0) Description

Cadmium Antimonide (CdSb) (CAS 12050-27-0) is a crystalline solid that does not occur in nature. It is an II-V compound semiconductor that is stable and does not undergo hazardous polymerization. It readily reacts with potassium, oxidizing agents and strong acids. It forms hydrogen gas, cadmium oxide and airborne cadmium fumes upon decomposition.

Cadmium Antimonide (CdSb) (CAS 12050-27-0) Specifications

Product Name

Cadmium Antimonide



Molecular Weight





6.92 g/cm3

Cadmium Antimonide (CdSb) (CAS 12050-27-0)

Cadmium Antimonide (CdSb) (CAS 12050-27-0) is a crystalline solid used as a semiconductor and in photo optic applications. Antimonide compounds contain the element Antimony. Their unique lattice structures are being utilized in the most cutting-edge semiconductor materials by scientists and technology researchers. For example, in January 2013, researchers at Northwestern University's Center for Quantum Devices created the first-ever dual-mode active and passive infrared camera chip made of Indium Arsenide/Gallium Antimonide.

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